Marin Remodeling
Marin Remodeling

Electrical Design Consultants

Electrical Design

Electrical Design and One Line Drawings

  • Power and Modern Lighting Controls
  • Electrical One Line Diagrams (Riser Diagrams)
  • As Built Drawings Provided to You with a Fast Turnaround
  • NFPA / Equivalent Codes & Standards Applied to All Drawings
  • ELectrical Power Distribution Design and Calculations  
  • Lighting Design-Based on Plan and Floor Layout
  • Panel Schedules Made Locally

Electrical Submittals

Seattle Electrical Submittals Calculations

  • Submittals Pre Packaged and Ready to Go
  •  Professional Shop Drawings, Cut Sheets and One Line Diagrams designed
  • Product Details and Lighting Studies
  • Permit Submittal Requirements and Design Checklists 
  • Permitting Consulting for all Washington State Municipalities
  • Energy Code Compliance and Regulations 
  • Custom Drawings &  Professional Designs for any Project  


Homeowner Design Help

  • Homeowner Professional Consulting
  • Convert your Penciled Drawings Into  Professional  Shop Drawings
  • Guidance on Drawing Professional Lighting Layouts
  • Energy Savings and Drawing Guidance
  • Home Inspection Services on Aging Homes
  • Grounding Issues
  • Planning and Design Service
  • Electrical Demo Drawings

Design Drawings

Understanding Electrical Drafting and Design

Drawings and designs start their life with an idea, then these ideas are discussed and drawn onto paper then are created by Electrical Design Consultants, draftsman or designers using platforms like AutoCAD and other 2D/3D professional software.

What does Benchmark  Professional Design provide?

An electrical drawing is a type of highly designed technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communication using lines and symbols. This information is then used by electricians and contractors in Seattle in the form of line diagram drawings to use as a guide for installing circuits, lighting and switching. A One Line drawing  design or electrical plan consists of  drawing lines, symbols, dimensions, and notations to the drawing and accurately convey the design to the professional home service workers, who install the electrical system.

Electrical Calculations are performed to ensure  that system operates without faults. 

Benchmark Design Professional Drawing
Benchmark Design Professional Drawing

Professional Load Calculations

Load Calculations


There are many types of calculations in the electrical industry, some of the calculations may surprise you.

Look at some calculations used by Benchmark professional designers and engineers below.

Direct Current (DC) Formulas Calculations, Alternating Current (AC) Single Phase Calculations, Alternating Current (AC), Three-Phase Calculations, Voltage Drop Calculations, Motor Calculations, Power Factor Correction Calculations, Transformer Sizing Calculations, Generator Sizing Calculations and Short Circuit Calculations and One Line Diagrams just to name a few.

If this makes your head spin, don’t worry we’ll take care of all the fun stuff for you!

Benchmark Professional Design Services Providing Locals with Quality Drawing Services

Design Calculations for Electrical Design Seattle .PDF
Design Calculations for Electrical Design Seattle .PDF