Marin Remodeling
Marin Remodeling

HVAC-Furnace-AC Services


Gas Electric Furnace Installation

  • Heating Repair Same Day HVAC Service
  • Heating Installation the Benchmark Home Way
  • Heating Maintenance that is Finely Tuned to Factory Specifications
  • Heat Pumps that cool in the Hot Summer and Warm in the Cool Winter
  • EPA Certified HVAC Installation Technicians Trained to the Highest Level


HVAC Cooling Condenser Installation

  • AC Repair Services in Seattle Available Today "The Ultimate Cooling Effect"
  • AC Installation Installed in Your Home Keeps You Cool
  • Yearly HVAC Furnace Maintenance Keeps Costs Down and Prevents Breakdowns 
  • Home Electronic Air Cleaners Keep You Breathing Fresh Air  with your Heating and cooling
  • Air Conditioning is the Answer for Global Warming

Mini Split Ductless

Mini Split Ductless Heating and Cooling

  • Daikin Mini split Design Keep Air Fresh With Free Flowing Filters
  • Fujitsu Ductless Keep Cost Down with pre packaged Cooling Units
  • Mitsubishi Offers Exceptional Service with Fewer Repairs 
  • Pioneer a less costing alternative for Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Gree Ductless/Minisplits Offer High Quality HVAC

Water Heaters

Water Heater Installation

  • Water Heater Installation, Repair and Service that can't be Beat 
  • Water Heater Maintenance Keeps Warm Water Running
  • Repairs on Water Heaters Can Be Costly, Make sure its a Good Design
  • Earthquake Strapping is a Requirement in Many States Like WA.
  • Drip Pans Prevent and Control Spills and Maintenance Procedures.

Heating & Cooling Equipment

Owning Heating & Cooling Equipment

Owning Heating & Cooling Equipment Requires Proper Maintenance Several Times A Year to Prevent Major Component Damage and Costly Repairs to The Homeowner. Modern Furnaces Require Frequent Air Filter Replacement to Run Efficiently. In Addition to Changing Filters the Furnace Requires a Benchmark Ac Technician to Look Over the Unit Once A Year for Heating and Once A Year If You Have an Ac Unit or Heat Pump. Proper Inspection of The Heating & Cooling Systems Using Professional Tools of The Trade Guarantee That Even the Thermostat Gets Attention. Providing Your Family with A Maintenance Program Helps Ensure Safe & Efficient Operation of Your Furnaces Inner Workings. Some Basic Checks of The Furnaces Air Handler and Mechanical Components Prolongs the Life Span of Your Heating & Cooling Unit.

Disregarding the Basic Maintenance of Your Furnaces Components Can Void Your Warranty and Your Furnace and Ac System Will Perform Poorly and need repair. You Will Undoubtedly Have to Replace Several Parts of Your Furnace Over the Lifetime of The Furnace, From Fans, Bearings, Computer Boards, Gas Valves, Igniters and Flame Sensors. Replacing or repairing Your Furnaces Components Using Cheap Amazon Knock Offs Instead of Using Genuine Repair Parts Not Only Can Provide Performance Issues but Can Completely Ruin Your Hvac System. Sometimes There Is No Amount of Maintenance That Will Be Cost Effective When Repairing Your Unit. This Is Where We Can Help You Best. Benchmark Seattle Will Help You Make the Decision on When to Replace Your Furnace, Heat Pump or Ac Unit When It’s Time to Repair that Furnace. 

The Weather Is Always Changing in Seattle And It Appears That Our Pacific Northwest Climate Is Getting Warmer and The Duration of Warmer Weather and Hotter Days Means That You May Need to Upgrade or Install A New AC Air Conditioning System. Understanding All the Technical Mumbo Jumbo Can Be Complicated and Daunting at Best When Choosing an AC Cooling Unit. Benchmark Seattle Will Help Guide You When Choosing A New AC Cooling Unit and you’ll know you made a good choice.

Maybe It’s Just Time for An Upgrade, Here at Benchmark Seattle We Can Help You by Providing You Top Notch Quality Equipment and Professional Installation of Your New Furnace. Benchmarks Experience Can Help You Make an Informative Decision When Deciding to Make Your Furnace Purchase. We Put A Lot of Thought in Providing the Correct Amount of Balance Between Costs and Efficiency When Choosing Your Heating and Cooling Equipment. Your Home Ventilation System Is Often Neglected and Yet Your Furnace Provides One of The Most Important Functions in Your Home by Circulating Clean Air, But If Your Furnaces Filter Is Clogged with Dust Then It’s Not Cleaning Your Air. Benchmark Seattle Can Install Several Varieties of Air Filters from Paper to Electronic Air Cleaners. Electrostatic Electronic Filters Work by Forcing the Air Molecules Over a Pre-Filter Then Passing Over A Charged Plate, The Particles in The Air Are Positively Charged by The Interaction of Friction Between the Air and The Filter And Dust Is Trapped in The Filter Like A Magnet. Interested in A Product Like This? Or Have Some Questions? Call Us Now or Just Send Us an Email.

With So Many Choices Around Seattle For A Reliable & Efficient Furnace Why Choose Benchmark for Installation?

Benchmark Is Not the Oldest or The Biggest HVAC Repair & Installation Company, We Don’t Proclaim Ourselves as Being the Best in Seattle. We Don’t Have Fancy Vans with Cool Graphics or Fancy TV Commercials with Catchy Jingles. At Benchmark Were Just Real People with Real Family’s Providing Quality Service for Families Like Yours. Were A Small Company And We Like It Like That Because We Feel That You’ll Be Treated Better And Our Workmanship Will Be A Reflection Of The Time Spent Installing Your New System, We Live And Work Hear Locally And It Will Our Promise To You That We Will Treat You Fair And With Respect And Listen To Your Needs. Make Sure to Check Our Website from Time to Time as We Are Always Providing New Specials or Money Saving Deals.

At Benchmark Home Services Seattle, You’ll Be Treated Like Family! 

Seattle Furnace Replacement
Seattle Furnace Replacement

Ductless vs Ducted Heat Pump

How to Make An Informative Decision

Ducted Heat Pumps

Traditional Modern Seattle Homes have ductwork installed and they will have one of four options for heat, oil heat, electric heat, natural gas heat & heat pumps. If you have access to gas then gas is the best choice for heating as the efficiencies are higher than that for electric heat or oil heat. However, an electric furnace is cheaper to purchase and installation is a snap than a comparable gas furnace especially if there is not a provision for gas service and oil heat is an outdated antiquated design. 

Then there is the modern heat pump which provides you both heating and cooling using just one system that runs on electricity. Heat pumps have a special valve called a reversing valve and this valve can change the direction of gas and liquid from the condenser to the evaporator to produce cold air or heat depending on direction of the reversing valve. In the heat of the summer months, heat pumps absorb the heat in your home and sends it to the outside and in the winter months the heat pump reverses and you now have heat.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are a perfect fit for installation in new additions to homes, modern sheds, DADU’s and ADU’s

These modern marvels are fantastic when you don’t have ducts and are less expensive to install or repair vs traditional ducted systems. The ductless style heat pumps can be mounted anywhere and you just need to provide them with a little electricity to get them going. Compact, versatile and inexpensive without the need for wall repair that’s what these ductless heat pumps are all about.

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Communities We Serve



We Serve the Following Communities with Pride and Are Proud Supporters of The City Burien With Its Famous Yearly Festival, The Burien Brat Trot & Bavarian Fest. Normandy Park with Its Downhome Feel and Long Winding Roads and The Fabled Zombie Fest Northwest, Kent Known for Its Vast Diversity and Plenty to Do Attitude, Like Bicycling Hiking and Recreational Sports. White Center A Small City with Big Attitude, Great Food, spirits and Fun. West Seattle Best Known for Its Hip Crowd and A Plethora of Awesome Restaurants. Alki And Its Scenic Views and Prime Beaches. Magnolia, With Its Rolling Hills and Business District, called "The Village" By Locals, Is Home to Many Specialty Stores. Mercer Island, voted as the #1 Place to Live. Renton, Home of the 737 Aircraft and The Finest Workers on The Planet. Tukwila, Home to Many Shops and Malls. SeaTac Is Home to The SeaTac International Airport and Has A Vast Selection of Hotels and Amenities. Federal Way Is Best Known for Its Korean Cuisine and Shopping Complexes. Dash Point Surrounded by Its Peaceful Parks Is A Great Destination. Beacon Hill, WA Home to Urban Farms and Beautiful Homes. Industrial District of Seattle, The Heartbeat of Industrialists and Startup Communities South Park, WA Is Known for Its Tight-Knit Community and Shipping Companies. Last but Not the Least Medina Is A Home to Upscale Neighborhoods and Modern Architecture. Benchmark Provides Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair and Installation to Other Municipalities Including Seattle and King County.

Community for All
Community for All

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