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Premier Engraving Services by Sound Signs of Seattle, a BHS Inc. Division

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Engraved labels & Tags
Phenolic labels and engraving services at BHS Inc.

Custom Engraved Phenolic Labels Made Fast Serving King County WA.

We specialize in Catering to the Unique Needs of Electricians, Contractors, HVAC Companies, and Various Industries in Western Washington and the Puget Sound Area.

Enhanced Engraving Solutions for Diverse Industries

At Sound Signs of Seattle, now part of BHS Inc., we pride ourselves on our expertise in premium engraving services. Serving a broad range of industries in Western WA and the Puget Sound area, we cater to the specific needs of our customers with top-notch phenolic labels and engraving solutions.

Customized Engraving for Electricians and Contractors

Our phenolic labels and engraving services are perfectly tailored for durable and precise electrical labels. We offer a variety of customized solutions including breaker box engraved labels, electrical panel engraved labels, and more.

Tailored Labels for HVAC Companies

We provide bespoke identification labels and engraved panel labels for HVAC systems, enhancing ease of maintenance and identification.

Engraving for Industrial and Construction Needs

Our services extend to industrial, construction, remediation, and municipal water treatment companies, offering engraved industrial equipment labels and more, ensuring industry compliance and efficient operations.

Professional Labels for Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

Elevate your storage facilities and equipment with our high-quality, organized labels, contributing to a professional environment.

Builders and Developers Engraving Services

In collaboration with builders and developers in Western WA and the Puget Sound area, we create custom phenolic name labels and signage to enhance safety and organization at construction sites.

Phenolic Engraved Labels – A Top Choice in the Electrical Industry

In the electrical sector of Western Washington and Puget Sound, our phenolic engraved labels are known for their durability, chemical, heat, and moisture resistance, offering unparalleled reliability.

Why Choose Sound Signs of Seattle for Your Engraving Needs

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team’s years of experience ensure high-quality, precise labels for various industries.
  • Customization and Versatility: We offer extensive customization in material, design, and size.
  • Local Focus: Our commitment to the Western WA and Puget Sound community is unwavering.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: We guarantee a seamless and satisfying experience from start to finish.

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Your Trusted Source for Engraving Solutions: Sound Signs of Seattle

Choose Sound Signs of Seattle for your phenolic labels, engraving services, and custom labeling solutions. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results across various industries.

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