Marin Remodeling
Marin Remodeling

Electrical Services

Residential Remodel & New Electrical Construction

Residential Electrical Installation

  •  Service panel upgrades in Your Home From 100A to 320A 
  •  LED Light Fixture Installation From Recessed Lighting to Chandeliers  
  •  Electrical upgrade Offers Safety and Security From Overloads
  •  ADU Auxiliary  Dwelling Units- High End Residential Electrical Services 
  •  DADU, Garages, Basement Home Wiring and Additions

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Commercial Electrical Service

  •  Backup power Generators Installed From 5KW to 100kw 
  •  Security Lighting and Camera Systems Installed and Serviced   
  •  Electrical Repairs, Switch Replacement and Lighting Controls 
  •  Commercial Lighting Installer for TI and New Construction

Multi-Family Homes

Multi Family Electrical Service and Electrical

  • Condominiums, Duplex, Triplex Electrical Design and Installation
  • Townhomes, Dorms Full Wiring and Electrical Services Installed
  • Apartments, Tenant Landlord Designs Welcome for Remodels
  • Multi-Use Commercial Buildings, PT Deck, Home Electrical Wiring 
  • Housing Complexes and Track Homes 

Inspections & Maintenance

Electrical Inspection and Testing Service

  • Electrical Safety Consulting
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment Prevents Downtime
  • Infrared Imaging can See What the Eyes Can't and Detect Trouble Early 
  • Megger Benchmark Testing and Insulation Testing Ensures Reliability
  • Insurance Work that Gets Your Home Back and Running Quickly 

Benchmark Community

We Think Local


At Benchmark Home Services, We Care About Our Customers and We Care About Our Local Community. Together We Feel That Having the Common Goal of Caring and Contributing to Our Neighborhood Brings Us Together in More Ways Than You Can Imagine. When You Make the Decision to Use Benchmark in Your Home, You’ll Understand Why. We Know Our Customers Are Intelligent, We Know You Do Your Homework When Selecting an Electrician. At Benchmark We Promise to Give You 100% And If You’re Not Satisfied, We Will Make Every Effort to Prove Our Worthiness and Make It Right.

Make the Right Decision for Your Home! with Benchmark Home Electrical. 

We have also listed  6 Common Wiring Problems in your home with common solutions.


Residential Electricians

Residential Electricians


At the Basic Level Residential Electricians Are Electricians That Perform Electrical Work in Your Home and Are Licensed by The State of Washington as 02 Residential Electricians And 02 Apprentice Electricians. The State of Washington At This Time Allows A Working Ratio of One Electrician to Two Apprentices, We as Electrical Contractors Have to Abide by The Strict Rules Set Forth by The State. The Electrical Laws of Washington, The Washington Cities Electrical Code and The NEC “National Electrical Code” Are Just Some of The Codes We Have to Follow. The Washington Cities Electrical Code Is A Joint Effort Between the Mybuildingpermit.Com (MBP) Egov Portal and The Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO). This Code Was Created to Provide Cities with A Document That Complies with RCW 19.28.010(3). This Code Covers Unincorporated King County Cities. In Addition to These Codes There Is the Seattle Electrical Code. The Seattle Electrical Code Covers Everything That Is Within the Boundaries of Seattle. The Seattle Electrical Code Provides Minimum Standards to Protect People and Property from The Hazards of Electricity. The Code Regulates the Construction, Installation, Quality of Materials, Location, And Operation of Equipment and Systems Using Electricity in The City of Seattle’s Built Environment and Finally There Is the NEC “National Electrical Code” This Code Is the Backbone of All Electrical Codes and Is Used All Over the World as The Standard Book for Electricians. As You Can Tell There Is More to It Then Just Wiring A House. An Electrician Needs to Be Highly Knowledgeable in Their Residential Discipline and Have Keen Mechanical Skills as Well. All of Our Residential Electricians Are Fully Licensed and Have Well Over 8000 Hrs. Of Training Before They Are Given Their Journeyman’s Electrician Card.  In Your Home We Treat You with The Utmost Respect and Before We Leave Your Home, We Make Sure That It Is Cleaner Than When We Arrived, So Whether You Are in Seattle Or One of Seattle’s Beautiful Suburbs You Will Always Be Treated Like Family When We Are in Your Home. Get Started Today!

Seattle Residential Electricians
Seattle Residential Electricians

Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians


Commercial Electricians Follow Some of The Same Rules and Codes as Residential Electricians with The Exception of The Code. Commercial Electricians Have to Know More About the Code Than Your Standard Electricians Due to The Vast Selection of Commercial Settings and An Immense Range of Electrical Materials. Commercial Electricians Work with Different Materials Such as EMT, MC Cables and THHN Building Wire. Seattle Being One of The Largest Cities in Washington Has Multitudes of Diversity Within Its Population and Building Structures of All Types. This Keeps Our Guys When Working in Seattle On Their Toes with So Much Variety Offered to Our Commercial Electricians. When Building New Commercial Construction Projects, A Lot Will Go into The Planning of Electrical Systems from Running Circuits to Balancing Loads, Lighting Layouts That Look Architecturally Stunning to Lighting an Office That Helps You Visualize Your Future. The Seattle Energy Code Guarantees That Seattle’s Business Uses the Electricity from Seattle City Lights Transformers in A Responsible Manner by Minimizing the Electrical Burden. Benchmark Commercial Electricians Can Handle Any Type of Electrical Construction from Business That Are Getting There First Start All the Way to A Large Office Complex. We Want to Help Build Your Commercial Office or Place of Business. Get Started Today!

Commercial Electricians Seattle
Commercial Electricians Seattle

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